Over 12 years have passed since I first decided to share my best pal Astro’s story with the world. In 2006, when he was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease, I was told that there was little that could be done to prolong his life beyond a few extra months, or optimistically, a year or so with questionable quality of life. Unfortunately, to this day, this is still the standard prognosis many people will receive for their newly diagnosed chronic kidney failure pet.

The reasons are simple, the average treatment protocol still involves mostly the same handful of drugs that produce very mediocre results, commercial renal diets that provide reduced protein content which some studies have put into question as an optimal long term strategy, and fluid therapy in the form of IV’s or Sub-Q’s which can, if not administered correctly, add an unnecessary work-load to the kidneys.

I did not accept these limited treatment options and the dire prognosis offered Astro, and so, relying on my medical training and based on research I had conducted on systemic inflammation, I set about formulating a solution targeted at the root mechanisms of chronic kidney pathology.

Astro’s condition stabilized and his health began to improve with the administration of the formulation that was created for, and named after, him. It continued to improve, week by week and month to month. His recovery was dramatic, one might even say miraculous.

All these years later, the journey that Astro and I embarked on together has grown to encompass many thousands of people around the globe and their chronic kidney disease pets. His story touched and inspired many people who felt helpless as they watched their best friend suffer and waste away daily, to fight and win time and quality of life for their furry buddies rather than surrendering them to a “kind assisted passing”.

Building upon and investing in research focused on the concept of targeting the disease at its root, 2 new products have since been developed to work synergistically with Astro’s Oil™ Advanced Renal Care Formula to more effectively address kidney pathology. The feedback, as you can read in the testimonials page, has been overwhelmingly positive and the results impressive.

We invite you to join the thousands of people worldwide with kidney disease pets who have achieved superb results and trust us to help you achieve the best possible results for your pet as well. 

Edmond Marcovici MD

“Can our Natural Formulations
play a Central role in the management of your
pet’s Kidney Disease ?”

Yes! Read below to find out how

Astro’s Oil™ Kidney Care Products, the Advanced Renal Care Formula, Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub and Renal Care Proteinwere designed to work synergistically 

The Advanced Renal Care Formula actively addresses kidney pathology by interfering with the inflammatory mechanism that propagates the disease

The Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub detoxifies by using the digestive tract to help clear excess metabolic toxins, nitrogen,  creatinine, and phosphorus from the system

The Renal Care Protein fortifies pets in a number of ways; by helping them gain and maintain lean muscle mass, by helping to sustain recommended levels of essential amino acids in the serum to staves off metabolic acidosis, and by providing very low molecular weight peptides and free form amino acid building blocks to generate vital protein metabolism and cellular regeneration


No Kidney Disease Regimen is Complete without


Astro’s Oil™ Advanced Renal Care Formula

Astro’s Oil™ Advanced Renal Care Formula is the 3rd generation of the formulation introduced in 2007. It is designed to address inflammation of kidney parenchymal tissue which can help restore function to the affected tissue before it progresses to cicatrization (scarring) with permanent loss of kidney function.

Astro’s Oil™ Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub

Astro’s Oil™ Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub is a supplement that enhances the pet’s gut microbiome flora. As the bacteria proliferate they take up nitrogen and creatinine and are then excreted in the stool. It also reduces serum phosphorous level.

Astro’s Oil™ Renal Care Protein

Astro’s Oil™ Renal Care Protein is a supplement designed to help pets with kidney disease gain and maintain lean muscle mass. It also helps stave off metabolic acidosis.


The vet could not believe it

I would like to comment on Astro CRF Oil, which I give my dog (Alpha) was diagnosed with CRF just before Christmas and given Two months to live. I have given Alpha Astro oil for nearly five months, what a different, he’s a different dog, wanting to play, enjoys is walks, and at 02.00am in the morning likes to play with is ballThe vet could not believe it as is reading for is blood count had gone done from 31 to 19. He due for another blood test soon which will be interesting.Thank you for producing a truly remarkable substance for my dog to take. I’m in the process of ordering my next lot.


Vets had given her up for dead

2 years now and my cat is doing wonderfully vets had given her up for dead...


My vets were so impressed

Hey good friend, I wanted to give you the greatest news and latest update..... we started Mary on Astro's Oil at the end of April.... I believe ....while delivering 100cc of IV fluids, potassium supplements and Tinic vitamins. daily...Mary was functioning on 25% of one kidney only..with the recommendation to put her down because she would only last 10 days to two weeks. I am so grateful to say that this weeks lab results came back and my Vets were astonished. Not only did she gain a pound and a half in three months but her blood results were almost normal. I also had weaned her off fluids and waited three weeks on purpose before taking her for blood work. If you would like copies of the before and after results for your own personal studies, I would be happy to mail them or scan and e-mail them to you. My vets were so impressed that they told me they would research your products and contact you... , so I would be interested if they do follow through. But, their reaction to Mary was true amazement ..more like disbelief... so perhaps they will call you. They actually thought Mary was dead


We cannot express how fortunate we feel to have found this wonderful product

Our senior cat Peekaboo was diagnosed with CRF in July '09. He was already hyperthyroid so this was not good news. On top of this, he got a bacterial infection, would not eat, lost weight, and we were thinking to put him to sleep within two days as he was so miserable. In desperation, we searched the Internet for some help and blessed be, we found Dr. Marcovici's site with Astro's story and the miracle Astro Oil. We ordered some immediately and within two weeks we noticed a difference. Peeks started gaining some appetite and was not so listless. Now it is March 2010 and he has fully recovered. He eats normally, wants to go outside in the sun, takes walks with us up the hill, and plays with our other cat Houdini. We cannot express how fortunate we feel to have found this wonderful product and recommend it wholeheartedly. We are also happy with the fast processing of the orders and that if we have any questions Dr. Marcovici answers promptly and thoroughly. Thank you, Astro!

Lesandre A. and Dave R.

It has been short of a miracle to see the changes in our little girl

We had very little hope that our 13 yr old female schnauzer, Poppy Seed, would make it through another month with the weight loss from 14 lbs to 8 lbs, no appetite, not drinking water and constantly shaking we think from kidney pain. Our vet is very competent and has provided us with information and subcutaneous fluids but gave us little hope and suggested we prepare to have her put down in the next 60 days.It has been almost 4 weeks since we started Astro's oil and Poppy has gained back several pounds, has a good appetite and only occasionally shakes now. She is perky again and wants to go on short walks and before she could barely walk 30 feet without shaking uncontrollably and would have to be carried. She was even playing with our other dog for the first time in several months.Thank you for Astro's Oil !!! It has been short of a miracle to see the changes in our little girl. We will continue with the same level of treatment even though her beard smells fishy sometimes it is a small price to pay to see her happy and healthy again.

Dean and Fauna

Thank you for all your research and development of Astros oil

Crystal Blue is our 11 year old Siamese and Tabby mix cat with crystal blue eyes. She came to us as a stray cat 10 years ago and quickly became a member of our family.Around the first of September, 2009, she was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Her creatinine count was 8.8 and her BUN was 87. We reluctantly put her in the Animal Hospital for 5 days of Intravenous fluid treatments.While Blue was in the hospital, it entered my mind that fish oil might help. I take it and it helps me in several ways so I did some research and found Astros web site and read Astros amazing story which confirmed what I was already thinking so I ordered a bottle and started giving Blue my fish oil while I waited for Astros oil to arrive. I started Astros oil on September 18, 2009 and after one week, Blue was starting to feel better. She slowly began eating her baby food a little better. She started purring and talking and walking better. She started eating a little cat food. It is now almost three weeks on Astros oil and she is running , playing, talking and purring. Blue now weighs 5.25 #, so she is slowly gaining weight. We are slowly reducing the Sub-Q treatments.Thank you for all your research and development of Astros oil. I am sure it has saved and extended many lives. It has now saved and extended one more life. We have recommended Astros oil to friends, family, Veterinarians and Pet Stores and will continue to do so. The New Blue thanks you also. Friday, October 9, 2009 is my birthday and I could not think of a better birthday present.

Albert and Sondra

Thank you so much for Astro’s oil

Bandit has been doing very well lately. He's now gained back a pound. He's more active and if you didn't know how sick he is you couldn't tell. He's got a great vet and a new friend in Canada(you)that I am truly grateful for. Thank you so much for astro's oil. I think it is really helping and will continue to use it. I live here alone with Bandit and three other male cats. They all get along great and its good to see Bandit interacting with them again. Thank you for your time. I hope that you and yours are all well. I would love to send you some pictures if thats o.k. Have a wonderful day and thanks again.


I’m grateful that this will give her a few more years

Hi, Doc. Just a belated update for you regarding the oil's effect on my cat (and a tip you may wish to pass on to other buyers).I'm VERY glad to report that it seems to be working. Tina was still in the early stages of the disease, but as I mentioned in a previous email, her appetite was very inconsistent. It would go up and down, and although she would recover and start eating normally again, she never really seemed to regain all of what she lost from each period of food abstinence.The oil seems to have cured that problem. Her appetite is much more consistent. If nothing else, your product works wonderfully as an appetite stimulant.She also seems to be in better health overall. At close to 15 years old, she still has occasional "crazy time" where she'll tear around the house and/or play like a kitten (albeit for a much shorter time than when she was younger).I don't know whether this is due to her feeling better because her kidneys have stabilized or simply because she's eating well again and getting the calories and nutrients her body requires. (Perhaps a combination of both?)Whatever the case, I'm grateful that this will give her a few more years.Thanks.


He’s much more active and looks years younger

Just wanted to say thank you for the oil. It's made a HUGE difference in my 17 year old tabby's health. Bob's weight has returned, his coat feels healthy and he's no longer pulling it out. He's much more active and looks years younger. Thanks so much,



Angela and Catherine's Charlie, who i might add has gone from being what the vet called totally blind as he had lost all of the blue pigment from his eyes leaving them red, and loosing his coat colour, (he's a lilac pointed Siamese normally), to having the blue returning to his eyes gradually, and his lilac points have returned too. (it seems Charlie can see well enough to give me a whack with his paw while playing with him, though his eyes are sensitive to the sun as you might think they would be at the moment, and Catherine, his owner has declined in telling the vet about the oil as she didn't want to offend him as he was sure Charlie should be dead by now!!!!!Thanks!!!


I have told everyone about this oil and believe it is a miracle.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for helping to save Daisy's life. My husband found this poor dog wandering in the middle of the road in terrible shape. We decided to foster her as she needed medical attention for a variety of wounds, malnutrition, and severe arthritis.The vet estimated her age at about 5....and noticed her BUN and creatnine were elevated.I then was researching chronic renal failure and ran across your web site. I thought, there may be something to this. I ordered it and she has been on it for about 2 1/2 months. She really started doing well after 1 month on the oil. I still continued the binders and fluids, although I cut the fluids down to twice a week. I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago. Her BUN was 78, her creatnine was 4.4 and her phosphorus was normal. The vet was so excited and told me don't change anything. He wanted to see her in 6 weeks to recheck her labs. He could not believe she was alive.I just wanted to let you know that I will keep her on this product until her time does come. I think it improved her health and her quality of life. Even though she is technically a "foster" she is our special baby. I have told everyone about this oil and believe it is a miracle. Again thank you so much!


If it was not for you our cat would now be dead

If it was not for you our cat would now be dead. I have recommended the oil to our friends who are very interested,... no doubt we will order more oil as long as our cat keeps going.Please do use my details for ASTRO'S Oil to recommend to others as it really is a life saver the vet told us she should put the cat to sleep! Very many thanks


I can not tell you how happy I am that he is doing so well

Mau is gaining weight - eating - playing - loves to go out still. He just turned 19. I really tried your product as a 'last ditch effort' and can not tell you how happy I am that he is doing so well. I think you know. Thank you.


ALL were stunned when Tate actually IMPROVED in his blood work

Dear Edmond,Aside from the question about the BLADDER stones, if you wouldn't mind listing the ingredients in the new Astro's Oil I want to deliver the list to our Vet Bonnie and her clinic of Vets. ALL were stunned when Tate actually IMPROVED in his blood work while his body continued to decline. We NEVER claimed it would cure him, just offer him the best of what life was left in him, and they, too, credit that oil with doing just that.Best regards and God bless you,


We are absolutely thrilled and astounded at her improvement

Just wanted to update you with regard to my Menue's progress. We took her to the vet on the 21st, we have been giving her the oil for almost three weeks. We wanted the vet to take blood so we could check her kidney levels. We are absolutely thrilled and astounded at her improvement. We had had her values tested about a month ago. Her Creatinine level was an astounding 943 and her Urea was 40. When she was tested on the 21st, her creatinine level was down to 653 and her urea was 25. I know that she is far from being out of the woods just yet but I am thrilled at these numbers - I am sure it has everything to do with Astro's Oil.I will be ordering more but just want to know what the shelf life if for the product, if you could let me know I would appreciate it.Many thanks.I am so happy


Thank you so much for helping me to have my baby alive

I have a 8 years persian male cat called Lucas, he was diagnosed one month ago with CRF with more than the 90% failure of both kidneys, He was hospitalized a week, but they could not do anything for us, the blood test showed there were no improvements on him, Finally the vet told me I just had 2 options, a transplant or put him to sleep, and I refuse to accept what I heard and decided to keep with the treatment and some oil that I found on internet called Astros's CRF oil, that was my last chance and I decided to take it. I am sending you the results of the blood work after a week he started with your oil, and I hope the next test is going to be better. Thank you so much for helping me to have my baby alive. God bless you and your family,


Tucker’s BUN and Creatinine have remained stable since February (6 months), and I credit your creation for this

I must tell you, when we found out in January that our beloved 13 year old Aussie mix was in the beginning stages of renal failure in January, we started him on a prescription diet per our Veterinarian's suggestion. I promptly came home from the appointment, researched our options online, and ordered Astro's CRF Oil. By the time we went back for a 30-day check up, Tucker's BUN had returned to the normal range, although his Creatinine was still slightly elevated. The doctor came in to the examination room with a look of bewilderment. Tucker's BUN and Creatinine have remained stable since February (6 months), and I credit your creation for this. Thank you!!!


IT has been a godsend to my blue point Siamese

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your Astro’s Oil product. IT has been a godsend to my blue point Siamese, Java, one of the most spirited cats ever. Like Astro, she is only 6 years old. I am happy to say “is” rather than “was.” Since being on your product, she has gained back all of the weight she lost, and her fur looks fantastic. She is back to her feisty self, and it happened within a month. This was after she spent three days in the hospital on IV fluids, and has been on Royal Canin renal diet. But she has not had any fluids SINCE. In a hot/dry climate like Arizona, we have to watch all of our cat’s fluids and keep Pedialyte on hand. But with the oil, I feel like I have my precious kitty back. I have another 13 year old who has had several bouts of cancer. We are crossing our fingers that this may make her feel better too. Many thanks


Since starting Astro’s CRF Oil, Thomas looks good and his numbers are holding at a good level

My wonderful CRF Oil has arrived. My daughter ordered her last shipment before I did and she got it last week. In my last note I mentioned the cat with the mouth problem. Micah is a 5 year old Himalayan and I was afraid of cancer. The vet thought that or Rodent Ulcer. Also, Maikai, a 15 month old, has severe Stomatitis. He had lost 5 pounds. I started both cats on Astro's CRF Oil and Miicah has a normal looking lip now and Maikai has lost the bad smell from his mouth and he has gained his weight back. His mouth is much less inflamed. My daughter, Dixie, has had great luck with Thomas O'Malley, also. He is a 11 year old kitty and his kidney numbers and weight just kept getting worse. Since starting Astro's CRF Oil, Thomas looks good and his numbers are holding at a good level. What a great product this is. Thank you so much for extending our precious babies lives.


Rocky had his 20th birthday in August and has been living with CRF for 6 1/2 years

Hope all is well and business is booming. I would like to order 2 bottles of astro oil and 1 container of astro powder. Just want to beat the Christmas rush. Rocky had his 20th birthday in August and has been living with CRF for 6 1/2 years. So thank you for you great product.


You would never know she had kidney failure

Hi Edmond,I need to order more of your wonderful products for my kitty. Brittany is 15 yrs old and doing so unbelievably well. After 2 weeks of the Astro's Oil, we stopped hydrating her orally and have not done it again. Since then, she eats and drinks on her own and continues to get better and better. Outside of using your products, you would never know she had kidney failure. Her activity level is great and she is back to her old self. We started the oil the beginning of December, the nitrogen scrub about 2 weeks later, and then the protein 2 weeks after that. Thank you so very much for sharing your products.


I must write an article to let everyone know of this wonderful product that you have invented

I am so very pleased with my dog Honey's response to Astro's Oil!!! A miraculous burst of energy and appetite!! I must write an article to let everyone know of this wonderful product that you have invented, for your beloved Astro! My husband was very skeptical, but he has just reminded me today that I need to order MORE of Astro's oil!! Thanx sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! I have just ordered more, and will be awaiting it as we are almost completely out!


Thanks for giving us so many, many more quality years with Ginny and Neffy

I would like to publicly thank Edmond for marketing Astro's Oil when he did. I have been a customer I guess from almost the beginning! My two Siamese cat littermate-sisters were sent home to die in 2007. I refused to accept that prognosis and started scouring the internet for SOMETHING alternative to try, and found Astro's Oil. That was when the cats were both 12 and now the one we still have is 21! And the other one lived to be 19-1/2, and we did NOT lose her from CRF. Thanks, Edmond, for giving us so many, many more quality years with Ginny and Neffy. May there be many more to come for Ginny and all of the other pets who will be given another chance due to Astro's Oil!

Jill Christopher
Professor of Accounting / Ohio Northern University

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